«Vikings» TV series returns on November 29th

«Vikings» TV series returns on November 29th and brings with it a civil war. After Ivar killed Sigurd’s brother during the feast, the relations between Ragnar’s sons became strained. New people are expected in Valhalla, but nobody knows yet whom Valkyries will take to Odin.

​​​​​​​Will there be fratricide among the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Revenge of Ivar the Boneless

After vengeance on their father, the brothers parted ways, each of them wants something different. Ivar the Boneless does not intend to forgive Lagertha for the murder of his mother, Aslaug. Therefore, the conflict between Björn and Ivar is inevitable. There is a civil war and bloodshed coming between the brothers, which will split the Vikings, and the winner will rule in Kattegat (or what will remain of it). The participation of Björn and Halfdan in the war is still unclear, since both brothers intend to keep the path to northern Africa. Prudent Ivar will not miss the chance and will choose the right moment to attack. But it is a big question whether he can avenge his mother’s death or not.

Will Ivar kill Lagertha?​​​​​​​


On the other side of the sea, Anglo-Saxon kingdoms are trying to survive the raid of the great Viking army and the defeat of their own country. At the end of season 4, a new and mysterious hero entered the scene. Bishop-warrior Heahmund joins in unity with the king of England Ethelwulf to fight the Danish invaders.

Meanwhile Rollo continues to strengthen his position in "courtier wars" of Paris. But the conflicts in Kattegat can awaken a sleeping Viking in Rollo, as it happened in season 4 when a raid to one of the port towns of Caliphate took place. Moreover, Ragnar’s elder brother will return to the places from which he left.

Will Rollo return to Kattegat?


But perhaps the most important revelation is to be made by Floki, who will shake the Scandinavian world.

In the trailer to season 5, Floki appears near a smoking volcano. This is a mysterious sign that needs to be unraveled, but the war will soon come and many people will perish.

Who will die in season 5?

Promo of the 1st episode


Massacre is expected and perhaps many characters will not survive until the end of the season.

Will Rollo return to Kattegat? Will there be fratricide during the 5th season? These and other bets are waiting for you!

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